The engineers of R&D Dynamics Corporation have decades of experience in design, development and manufacturing of high speed rotating machines supported on foil air bearings. They have pioneered the invention, improvement, application, and manufacturing of foil air/gas bearings. Many aircraft environmental control system air bearing air cycle machines designed and developed by them are showing MTBF (mean time between failure) of over 100,000 hours. They have designed and developed machines as small as a 0.5 oz rotor prototype heart pump to as large as 150 lb. rotor fuel cell turbocompressor.

Most of the leading fuel cell manufacturers are using foil bearing supported, oil free Centair® blowers and compressors designed, developed and manufactured by R&D Dynamics.  Many of these manufacturers have successfully endurance tested R&D Dynamics blowers and compressors under extreme environmental conditions.  Numerous cryogenic air separation plants around the world are currently using R&D Dynamics TurboEx® turboexpanders.  Applications range from hermetically sealed neon gas compressors to turboexpanders for methane and hydrogen.     

R&D Dynamics is pursuing many types of turbomachinery for design and manufacturing.  Commercial products such as: Turboexpanders, Motor Driven Blowers and Compressors, Turboalternators, Turbocompressors, Vapor Cycle Compressors and Aftermarket PMA Parts are being manufactured in-house.