R&D Dynamics was founded in 1990. While working for Garrett Air Research and Hamilton Standard in the 1970's and 1980's, the company’s founder, Dr. Giri Agrawal, pioneered the design and development of high speed rotating machines supported on foil air/gas bearings. As Chief Project Engineer at Hamilton Standard, Dr. Agrawal received the "George Mead Medal," United Technologies Corporation’s highest technical award, for his groundbreaking air bearing development work. The foil bearing designs developed by Dr. Agrawal are used in the air cycle machines in all modern commercial and military aircraft.

Dr. Agrawal's vision for R&D Dynamics Corporation was to extend foil bearing technology to other classes of rotating machines in aerospace, automotive, and industrial applications.

Compressed Gas Driven Machines, including

  • Turbocompressors
  • Turboexpanders
  • Turboalternators
  • Air Cycle Machines

Electric/Motor Driven Machines, including

  • Air/Gas Blowers & Compressors
  • Vapor Cycle Compressors

Fuel Driven Machines, including

  • Small Turbine Engines
  • Auxiliary Power Units

In addition to turbomachinery designs, R&D Dynamics Corporation holds an extensive portfolio of patents and intellectual property, and continues to invest heavily in research and development, advancing core technologies, including:

  • Next-Generation Foil Air/Gas Bearings
  • High Speed Electric Motors and Drives
  • Optimized Air, Refrigerant, and Other Gas Cycles and Systems


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