R&D Dynamics engineers and technicians have decades of experience designing, developing, and manufacturing high speed rotating machines supported on foil air/gas bearings. They have pioneered the invention, improvement, application, and manufacture of foil air/gas bearings, and high speed electric motors and drives. Foil/gas bearing supported turbocompressors, turboexpanders, and turboalternators have demonstrated MTBF's (mean times between failure) of over 100,000 hours. R&D Dynamics has designed and developed machines as small as a prototype heart pump with a rotor weight of 0.5 oz., and as large as a fuel cell turbocompressor with a rotor weight of 150 lb.

Most of the leading fuel cell manufacturers are using foil bearing supported, oil free Centair® blowers and compressors designed, developed and manufactured by R&D Dynamics. Many of them have successfully endurance tested R&D Dynamics blowers and compressors under extreme environmental conditions.

Numerous cryogenic air separation plants around the world are currently using R&D Dynamics TurboEx® turboexpanders. Applications range from hermetically sealed neon gas compressors to turboexpanders for methane and hydrogen.

R&D Dynamics commercial products, Turboexpanders, Motor Driven Blowers and Compressors,Turboalternators,Turbocompressors,Vapor Cycle Compressors and Aftermarket PMA Parts are manufactured, assembled, instrumented, and tested in-house.


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